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Adri Allora
2 min readMay 23, 2020

Here the second part of my mathematical goose game: subtractions!

In the first part the setting was inspired by adventure movies like the Indiana Jones’, Romancing the Stone or some Tintin comics. We’re not stepping away but we’re no longer adding, we’re subtracting, so the path goes underground.

The rules are (almost) the same


  • Download and print this board:
Board by Adriano Allora
  • get one token for each player;
  • find three six-sided dice.


  1. the youngest player starts and then clockwise (or continue);
  2. start from the cell in the upper right corner (if the player comes from the first board, he/she can subtract values starting by the last cell in the previous board with the number 9, the last but two);
  3. the player on duty rolls the three dice;
  4. he/she has to choose two dice and subtract the values on the chosen dice (only positive numbers allowed);
  5. she/he can move to the first cell with the result in the direction of the end of the path;
  6. every time she/he obtains 0, he/she can use the value of the third dice to move his/her token forward;
  7. whoever comes first to the last box wins … this first hand!

Have math!



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