(Almost) print and play!


  • Download and print this board:
Board by Adriano Allora
  • get one token for each player;
  • find three six-sided dice.
  1. the youngest player starts and then clockwise (or continue);
  2. start from the cell in the upper right corner (if the player comes from the first board, he/she can subtract values starting by the last cell in the previous board with the number 9, the last but two);
  3. the player on duty rolls the three dice;
  4. he/she has to choose two dice and subtract the values on the chosen dice (only positive numbers allowed);
  5. she/he can move to the first cell with the result in the direction of the end of the path;
  6. every time she/he obtains 0, he/she can use the value of the third dice to move his/her token forward;
  7. whoever comes first to the last box wins … this first hand!



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Adri Allora

Adri Allora


Linguist, entrepreneur (co-founder of Maieutical Labs), curious. I’m here on Medium mostly to learn, even when I write something.