Who’s who? (art by Iris, 10)

(Another) print and play!

Adri Allora


This idea was born during the lock down, as an exercise in imagination, starting from a nerdy shirt I wear.

The idea is simple and I share it for this very reason: print this image and try to color (and redraw?) each letter so that it represents a character.

Print and Play!

It is a twofold exercise: finding the characters and synthesizing them into a set of graphic features that make them recognizable.

Although it started as a family business (the cover is the alphabet drawn by my daughter Iris, 10 years old … can you guess all the characters?), I enjoyed completing it with characters from the cinema and, above all, from comics:

Who’s who?

And I also got angry: after almost each letter I could think of (at least) another character I was as fond of as the first one that came to mind. A few examples? Asterix, Alan Ford; Den (Corben), Dwigt (Miller), Daredevil, Duke (Trudeau), Dilbert; Fritz the Cat; Gea (Enoch), Gandalf; Ken Parker; Luky Luke, Luke Skywalker; Mafalda, Makoto Kusanagi; Nausicaa (Miyazaki); Pogo, Popeye; Snoopy, Sprayliz, Swan Barese.

So, can you guess every people? (Italians have an advantage, because the charachter names are in my language, for example we call Puffi the Smurfts and the three Donald Dock’s nephews Quo, Quo and Qua).

I realized that the most funny and challenging way is to take characters from a single field (like comics) or type (like evil-people-from-fictional-universes... idea by my daughter) or even from a single setting: Albus (or any of the Silente family), Bellatrix, Cedric, Draco (or Dudley?), Elphias , Fred… but when you get to H do you choose Harry, Hermione or Hagrid?



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