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Adri Allora
2 min readMay 16, 2020


Here is a version of the goose game with some math for kids (from third grade upwards and adults who like to play).

WHAT YOU NEED (apart from love)

  • download and print this board:
Math Goose Game ~ board 1. Drawn by Adriano Allora
  • get one token for each player (buttons, unless you periodically buy and colour wooden pieces just for occasion like this… it would be insane… don’t look at me that way!);
  • find three six-sided dice.


1. the youngest player starts and then clockwise;

2. start from the helicopter in the upper left corner;

3. the player on duty rolls the three dice;

4. he/she has to choose two dice and add the values on the chosen dice;

5. she/he can move to the first cell with the result in the direction of the end of the path;

6. if there are no results available, he/she goes ahead one cell;

7. every time she/he obtains 7, he/she can use the value of the third dice to move his/her token forward;

8. whoever comes first to the last box wins … this first hand!


I roll 2, 3 and 6. I take 3 and 6, the sum is 9: I can move my token to the first cell with the number 9.

I roll 6, 6 and 6: I will not be able to do less than 12, but there are no 12 cell, so I move forward one cell.

(I’m preparing the subtraction board: let me know if you liked this!)



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